Nov 18th LA Downage

Saturday, 18 November 2017, 08:19: One of the nodes in LA is currently inaccessible. We're working with the upstream in discovering and resolving the issue. We'll keep you updated via the announcement.

Nov 17th [RESOLVED] Network issues in Sofia

Friday, 17 November 2017, 22:07: We're having network issues in Sofia. Our engineers are looking into it. We'll keep you updated.
Friday, 17 November 2017, 22:49: Everything is operating normally now, we're closely monitoring the situation. Pending further update

Oct 25th [FINISHED] Germany location down


We're aware of issues with our DE location. The upstream provider is currently looking into it, looks like a network issue, not isolated to us. We will keep updating this post here with news. No ETA of getting it fixed yet.

Sep 25th [FINISHED] - Sofia02KVM and Sofia02OVZ - emergency maintenance

Sofia02OVZ - COMPLETEDWe've started the emergency maintenance. Virtual machines are currently shutted down. Updates to follow.Upgrade is completed, virtual machines are all booted up. Sofia02KVM - COMPLETEDWe've started the emergency maintenance. Virtual machines are currently shutted down. Updates to follow.Upgrade is completed, virtual ... Read More »

Sep 12th Sofia2Openvz node - emergency reboot

We've performed an emergency reboot of our sofia2ovz node. It's currently booting up and VPS are already starting.

Sep 8th [RESOLVED] Sofia - Network Down

Friday, 08 September 2017, 20:06: We're sorry to announce that our routers dropped the BGP sessions. We're working on resolving the issue.

Friday, 08 September 2017, 20:14 : Network is fully reachable again.

We're scheduling a network maintenance windows for next week to replace our core router, to resolve in full the current issues.

Aug 30th [RESELOVED] Sofia2Ovz down


Our Sofia2Ovz node went down some minutes ago. We are working on getting it back online.

The node had kernel panick'd. Unfortunately IPMI was unreachable and we had to do an on-site reboot. We did resolve the IPMI issue as well.

The total downtime was 31 minutes.

Aug 29th [RESOLVED] Sofia - Network outage yet again


We are very sorry and regret to inform you that we have suffered yet another network outage in Bulgaria. Our core routers dropped all BGP sessions at the same time, causing around 4 minutes of downtime, started at around 11:05PM GMT+3

We are actively working on this and will be replacing the hardware in full, to resolve this issue.

Aug 20th [RESOLVED] Sofia - Network outage

Hello!At around 11:04PM GMT+3, our router dropped all route table records and multiple BGP sessions.The majority of connectivity was restored 5 minutes later, at 11:09PM, however a certain subnet ( did not get properly announced and was visible out of only a small amount of locations, via a specific peer only. This issue was ... Read More »

Aug 11th [RESOLVED] Sofia - Network outage


We just had a short network outage, lasting a couple of minutes. BGP sessions are spinning back up, awaiting route table population. All services are now back online. Total downtime was around 5 minutes.

We're actively working on permanently resolving the issue.